Friday, August 24, 2012

Horror Movie

     Another horror movie experience last night. I was in "Ralphie's" bed helping him fall back asleep (he woke up screaming...I think from a nightmare).

     He felt a little cold (the weather is definitely changing here) so I turned off the fan (for the first time since we have lived here) and laid back down.   

     But then...I hear it.

     I hear a really strange paper or a plastic bag "blowing" look by the air vent, thinking that perhaps some plastic bag got on there or something...nothing.

    So then I listen more closely.  Listen to try to find where it's coming from...somewhere at the foot of the bed...

     Then from behind "Ralphie's" toy box I see something long and skinny thing crawling up his wall!!!!!!  I thought briefly it was a snake...

     But no, it was was a centipede...crawling up his wall...and the noise I was hearing was it's millions of feet scurrying on the wall...yah, I almost fainted.  Seriously.  I honestly almost passed out.

     So my weak scared voice calls for "Charming" who comes in, half asleep, and stares at the wall.  I grab "Ralphie" and run for the bedroom.  Then "Charming" kind of stands there for a while--(He told me later he was trying to decide what to do since it freaked him out and he didn't want to somehow accidentally touch it...we also knew if you smashed part of it and not the would run both ends away!!  This from experience in my past.)

     Finally he grabs the bug spray and sprays that son-of-a-gun to death...chasing it along the wall.  Then it mostly dies so he puts it in a jar and sprays in a bunch more poison for good measure.  It was huge by the way...more that 6 inches long!  Anyway, "Charming" refused to sleep in Ralphie's room haha...I don't blame him!

     When he told me he put it in a jar, I asked, "did you put it in one of my big good ones?"
      "Yah!  I wasn't about to try to put it in a tiny one and let it touch me!" he told me.
     "Oh, dang.  Well, I'm not going to use that jar ever again.  I'd rather buy a new one if I ever need one."
      "I don't blame you," he told me.  haha!

     Anyway, that's our horrible horror movie experience!