Friday, April 4, 2014

A New "As Told By Mommy"

     So for a few months now I've wanted a change with my blog...I couldn't quite decide what that change was...but I knew it needed something.  I've missed writing in a blog and need an outlet...more than my journal--somewhere to share ideas, thoughts, opinions, stories, pictures etc.

     So after some months of thought I've realize what I want out of this blog.  I wanted a place to share about being a mother and wife.  A place where I can share parenting skills or ideas or views.  I wanted a place to share the funny things my boys do and say. I want a place to share recipes.  I want a place to share my love of photography and the improvement I gain in that area.  I wanted a place to post random things--FHE lessons, random things about my hobbies and interests.  I'm tired of constantly worrying about any backlash I may get for my posts and opinions.  So I want a place I can write whatever I want--somewhere where people can read it and possibly learn, find help or inspiration from it.  A place where I can share my views and express myself that isn't just in a secret journal in a word document on my computer.   I don't care if anyone reads this blog, but I want the option there in case anyone wants to read it.  I don't care if anyone doesn't agree with me--my opinions are solidified--we can still be friends but don't bother trying to change my mind please.  It really just frustrates me and makes me take a step back from our relationship.  I've kind of even made a pact to not even read posts or opinions that might cause frustration or even anger to rise within me--I do have a bit of a temper and can easily have my day turned into a bad day by people people being rude, "stupid", or just all around confrontational.

     So I took all my old posts off because they felt stagnant and not what this new blog will be like--not quite anyway.  And I still wanted the "As Told By Mommy" name and the cute design I paid for. So...welcome to the new "As Told By Mommy".  A place for me to do all those things I talked about above--ultimately express myself and opinions and experiences.
My blog email is
 I'm also planning on trying to use twitter more often now that I have both a smart phone and tablet (finally!).  So follow away at .
I'm turning back on my blog facebook page so you can follow that here:

Just a little recap of what you can expect from the new and improved As Told By Mommy:

Experiences as a latter day saint wife, mother, women of the 21st century with a love for all things retro, vintage and antique!
Funny stories
FHE Lessons
Glimpses into my hobbies, likes and interestes.
My views/opinions on parenthood, family life, world events, maybe even politics etc.

I do hope some of you are interested in following, but if not, I'm still going to be posting!