Friday, September 16, 2011

So...when is the next baby due?

So...when is the next baby due?

Yah, I have the same reaction as you.

WHAT??  Do I look fat?

The answer is no, but people assume that since Baby L is 1.5 I should be having another soon.

Well, that is not the plan.  We are not even trying til at least January, maybe later.

"But why?  Ralphie is so cute and beautiful!"  We get asked...generally by those with two or more kids all under the age of 3 or 4.

Let me start by saying, that is great that that works for you (which in my opinion sometimes it doesn't but people do it anyway) but it isn't for us.

Unless of course it's an accident, but so far we haven't run into those.

"But why not?"

Well, let me explain once and for all.

First of all, I strongly believe in each child getting their own "baby time".  I think it is so important to development.  If you have a 1 year old and another baby is born...well, there goes that first child's baby time. And as far as I am concerned the first part of the toddler years still counts and "baby time".  My mother did this.  We were all far enough apart that we got out baby time, but were still close enough to play and be friends.  That is what Charming and I want.

Second of all, to be the best mom I can be which is constantly my goal, I know myself well enough to know that I could not handle my kids if they were less that 2.5 years apart.  Too much crying, lol.

We also want Ralphie potty trained or at least almost potty trained by the time the next one comes.  Two kids in diapers is too many diapers!  Both financially and physically haha!

So...we want out kids to be 2.5-3 years apart.  Now, who is to say that there won't be an accident, or an incident of twins (it's not in our family (unless you go back like 3 generations or so, but you never know), or that it will take us a long time to get pregnant and then they are too far apart.  There really is no telling, but we can try out best to plan for whats best for us and our kids.

And so I hope that answers everyone's constant question.   So to that end...remember to vote for us!