Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buffy, Stop Slaying My Dreams

Seriously...I get way, way, way, way, way, WAY too into shows and characters.  To an unhealthy point.

I felt like someone had died after watching the finale of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and that was a comedy!

The most recent one effects my mood, dreams, and health..."Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

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I know, you are thinking, what?  That cheesy 90s show? Seriously?

Actually, it does have its cheesy moments, but it's a pretty darn awesome show--with fabulous and hilarious characters and one of those love, romance dramas that people so love.

However, I am pretty sure each episode that Buffy's heart or Angel's heart breaks, mine breaks right along with it.  No joke.

And I knew this would happen--at least the basic idea...Angel's in the show only 3 seasons before he goes to that spin-off show aptly named "Angel". I knew that...then we started watching it and as I do I get way into a point (and this may come from me being an actress and having that desire to be in a movie or show some day myself (which will obviously never happen, but my soul still longs for) or maybe it comes from being heartbroken myself before, or maybe I just got off on a whole other line of thought) anyway, I get so into it and the characters to a point that I kind of live through the characters in the show...I see things the way they do...

So when the Buffy and Angel drama really starts--especially when he turns back to his demon, vampire form...I started freaking out and so, I figure, ok...I'll prepare myself by reading a show and character summary so I know exactly what happens.  So I do...and I think surely this will help.

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Well, it doesn't.  I get way too into it the point that after watching the episode we just watched I am pretty sure my little heart broke right along with Buffy's and Angel's!  I mean I adore each of them--and lets face it Angel (David Boreanaz)--(Also known as Booth from "Bones") is super duper hot and has those fabulous puppy eyes that when he is sad it just kills me!  And then I have nightmares about it...and I get sick to my stomach for at least hours after watching an episode sometimes days...this really isn't healthy...but...

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It's the way I am...I guess I am empathetic...even when they are fictional characters.  Anyone else like this?  Or is it just weird little me?

But, seriously, guys...what is with Hollywood?? Do they have to ruin every great romance??  Honestly!  I mean they could have made this work...this is how:

Go ahead, drag on the Angel and Buffy thing...they really didn't drag it on to its full potential (obviously they just wanted to make more money by having the spin off).  They could have dragged it on for a while and then had it work out...well, then you just introduce a new couple and Xander and Willow or something.  I mean come on!  They just gotta kill it so there is always sexual tension...just transfer the tension to another couple!  I mean come on!  "The Office" pulled it off and they are still making seasons and having fans.  Gosh!  It just makes me so mad!  And sick to my tummy as I mentioned before...

Anyway, I am going to go to bed now, heartbroken for Angel and Buffy...and probably to dream sad dreams about things not working out for them.  Lame.

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  1. I honestly will probably never watch this show because I dont like sarah michelle....but we love Bones ands get way into the booth and bones sexual tension! I get sucked into shows too, and keith doesn't necessarily feel for characters but he gets so wrapped up in knowing what us going to happen he just can't stop watching. Your should have seen him with prison break!

  2. My friend, Larry, is in this show. I believe he plays a guy named Larry (gay football player maybe?). Anyway, I've never actually seen the show and now I'm thinking I'm glad. I get too into shows too and get frustrated when things don't go how I think they should.

  3. Ha ha this made me laugh because I am exactly the same way...maybe not to the extent of making myself sick from it, but I get way into the shows too and think about them for hours after they are over (especially if it's a good one). I LOVE David Boreanaz, super super hottie!! But sadly I have yet to watch Buffy or Angel...they are on my list to watch next though. Right now I'm making it through Charmed! haha

  4. Oh, how well I understand! I have been wanting to watch those so bad! I need to get on Netflix and get them. I love Vampire Diaries, and get so into it, and Trav laughs at me and has to remind me that it is just a show, and I tell him "you never know, to me they are real people!" And then I dream about them, and i am a part of the story as well. So no.. you are not crazy.. unless we both are!! lol! And I don't know why Hollywood does what they do, greedy I guess? Anywho, love the post!!

  5. same thing happens withe me. only it's Hoarders. I don't get into the characters... but the whole time I'm screaming at the TV like it's going to listen to me and i have nightmares that i'm trapped in one of their rat infested kitchens.

    I did however get sucked into Felicity like that though. *sigh* i miss those crazy kids.

  6. I adore this show. STILL watch and re-watch it =) After season 7 I had to ask myself WHY did it have to end there? lol.
    My husband laughs since I can darn near quote every episode, and STILL cry ever Angel/ Buffy heartbreak, and the next Buffy heartbreak ( I wont spoil it with names) and the Willow heart break, wow I cried just about every season!

    Hilary, I too loved Charmed, granted by the last season I was ready for it to end =) I wanted to see how it all turned out.