Monday, June 25, 2012

Lame Agents, Bare Behinds, and a Heat Wave (Part One)

            We made it.  We’re here…in our new home…finally.  Oh, and our air conditioning is working.
            Say, what?  Oh, I see you missed that headline.  Let’s start at the beginning.
            Everything went pretty smoothly the whole while our house was being built—minus the fact that they forgot one of the windows that we paid extra for and were going to put our tile in our dining room down crooked, but yah, whatever, we got that taken care of without too much drama.
            Even our walk-through went well.  Charming’s dad, through a stroke of genius, suggested we film it.  Which we did and in the two weeks since we have referred to it numerous times since.  But a few days after that was when it started to get bumpy.
            But, I need to step back again briefly.  We originally were meeting with Mark Smith at Frost Mortgage here in Albuquerque. We LOVED him!  He was fantastic!  He made our buying a house possible through his know-how, even though Charming was self-employed for six months last year.  He knows his stuff!  Anyway, we just adored him, but at some point we got transferred to another person.  A lady who is here in town, I am guessing because she was closer and Mark Smith is so awesome he was needed elsewhere.  Well, she was not as wonderful as Mark, not even close.  She never told us what was going on and always informed us of things last minute.  And later we realized her secretary did most of her job anyway.  Yah, she’s one of those people.
            Anyway, we call her a few days before the walk-through to see what the deal is and why we haven’t heard anything about closing.  She tells us they are planning for the twelfth.  We are excited—knowing we have given them everything they wanted and the literal hour they asked for it.  No messing around or procrastinating.  We were on top of things.  So let’s see…the walk-through was Thursday the 7th and closing was supposed to be Tuesday the 12th.  So Friday (at 5:50pm, of course) the secretary calls us and tells us that they had us fill out one of the forms wrong and we need proof of employment from Dish Network before 11 on Monday.  Wow, thanks lady. 
So we are frustrated, mad and worried all weekend wondering if we can even get that that fast.  We know Dish Network and they are jerks to their employees…we don’t even want to know how mean they are to their ex-employees.  Ugh.
So first thing Monday Charming calls them…only to find out that it’s even HARDER to get proof of employment that we had figured.  You have to go through this email address and it can take at least 5 days.  So we are mad.  Mad that the lady told us to fill out the form wrong, mad that Dish can still torture us even though we quit them.  So we email, and hope they get back to us in not too long.
Days roll by…days and days…Wednesday we hear back…oh, sorry, “Please advise.”  What does that even mean.  At least use the word correctly.  So we send them some extra info, and figure we have to wait at least two more days.  Friday the 15th in the morning, the secretary calls us…the lady (notice I am omitting her name to be nice) called and hounded Dish, accusing them of breakings some equal employment act.  So they eventually send the proof over and it goes to underwriting.  The lady tells us we could maybe close that day. We don’t.  So she says Monday.  We don’t.  Finally Tuesday we close…and it’s a breeze because we have everything prepared.  And the house is ours! Nothing can go wrong…well, except for that we can’t move until Friday cause of Charming’s bizarre work schedule. But wait!  TCharming goes to work and finds out that by some rare occurrence his schedule was changed (in six months they have only changed his schedule one other time) that we can move Wednesday!
So we wear ourselves (and my dad and brother and mom out) the next day packing and moving.  We move in, finally pick up Ralphie and take him to our new home.  Guess what.  The air conditioning isn’t working.

To be continued (because that is probably enough reading for right now huh?)


  1. What???? You can't leave me hanging like that!! You gotta get to the bare bottom part!! Petula!!

  2. No!!! What a cliff hanger. And seriously the AC not working when you are working hard moving everything in!! Happy you are in your new house though!

  3. Ugh! I'm so sorry! I need to hear more! Glad you're in though! Happy homeownership!